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Love it

Makes life easier Only thing I would love is if you can add more devices

Unable to even use the app

Attempted to create an account and I am unable to do so. When you attempt to select the country, you are unable to fill in the information.


I cannot select my country therefore cant even create an account!


I used this app for a year and now they are forcing Facebook integration. Waste of time

A disappointment

Instagram makes you feel like this is an app for home exercise, but all this is a Google of where you can exercise. Big deal, thanks. Uninstalling

Overly complicated

I just want to schedule classes for my gym on the go. I dont want to create a second account and password for the app, I dont want to be harassed for my Facebook and I dont want to be up sold on other services from other providers.

New app doesnt work!

I used to use the old Mindbody app, which allowed me to book multiple classes in my local area and also worked when I traveled. Now, after a 4 month break, it doesnt work anymore. This new app doesnt work on either my ipad or iphone. On one, it wont let me log in (I did also make a new login on the website, since Mindbody seems to have deleted my old account). On the other, it recognizes only 3 states. Again, that leaves me stuck at the login screen. Id rather have the old app than this new "Evolve" business and fancy circle logo!

Bad update

Unable to long in after updating.

New app doesnt work

Not only did the update lose all my data , and is refusing to link to fb again , it also wont let you search any business schedule without saying no schedule posted and unable to search . I even tried to make a new account and where you select a country none list nor does it let you type it in. Have to call my yoga studio this is normally the only way to sign up for classes and I cant .

Cannot log in

Ive used the reset password option to reset my password and the app doesnt recognize it. Ive actually done this 3 times now. Every time it says password reset, but then we I try logging in it says it doesnt recognize the email address and password combo. Ive tried deleting and re-downloading the app without change. This app has given me nothing but trouble lately. There needs to be a support link when people have trouble like this. Im missing out on classes due to these problems.

Cant log inane not showing passes

Having serious issues. This new update made it so I cant update my password successfully. Ive tried 10 times. Yes I waited 30 minutes between the lock out. (Which it didnt even prompt) Before I reinstalled the app it didnt show my passes or my history.

Cant set up a new account on an iPhone 6

When setting up a new account it asked for a country. However the app has absolutely no countries listed. Developer? Maybe youre wondering why nobody is registering. Please check out the new account fields and repair

Love this app!

I love the convenience if using this app to set up appointments! Ive never had a problem with it! Very convenient!


Doesnt let get to my passes or login via FB since this new update. Plz fix.

Thanks rich before thirty.

I am so happy rb3 referred me to this app its so simple to find the fitness classes I need. I love Zumba with Kandace.

It has bugs- needs urgent fixes

The app needs to be fixed, it has claimed passes I have not used and there is no way for me to correct! It claimed passes as used even before I purchased them! I contacted they customer service and they basically said nothing that can solve my issue. If the issue is your app fix it! Do not make additional issues for the end user! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Most frustrating app Ive ever used

After working fine for a while logged me out and will not let me log back in. Cannot reset my password. Have tried 6 times and every time doesnt work. Serious issue. Left me sad and angry.

Does not work

This app is horrible. It constantly forgets that I have a membership at my yoga studio, and constantly asks for payment info to book the class (I have an unlimited membership). It frequently says "no schedule at this time" when I click my studio to book. Its a mess. Completely unusable.

New App IS NOT Working

When is someone going to fix this?

Cant login or reset password

Are they actively working on this app or has it been suspended or something? Tried so many times over a number of days to reset password and login or login with FB. Errors at every part of the process.

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